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Premiera: "Catch A Grenade" (The Hooligans Remix)

“Because we love you! We are giving you the exclusive world premiere of "Catch A Grenade [The Hooligans Remix]" just for being an official member of the site! Bruno even gave us a little background on the track and said "If you ever came to my garage and heard the band play "grenade" this is how it would sound. This is for the hooligans". Also, worth nothing this track is included on "The Grenade Sessions" EP available at all digital retailers in the US this upcoming Tuesday, February 8th! Here's the track-list:”

We wtorek 8 lutego premierę będzie miało EP "Catch A Grenade" (The Hooligans Remix)dostępne na wszystkich cyfrowych detalistów w USA.
Lista utworów:

1. GRENADE (Album Version)

2. CATCH A GRENADE (The Hooligans Remix)

3. GRENADE (Passion Pit Remix)

4. GRENADE (Acoustic)

5. GRENADE (Video) *video only available at iTunes and Xbox

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